Sunday, 8 September 2013

Quick Update!!

Hi!   Stitching again!  I am working on two exchanges, one which is due on Sept 30, 2013 and one due in November.   I would like to finish these up before the due dates though, as mailing takes a while sometimes.   I also have a really cute design picked out for my new relative - my cousins new granddaughter.  Can never figure out - is she a second cousin, or cousin twice removed.  lol   I was told a little bit ago, but forgot!! :)   Anyway,  once stitched I will be making it into a quilt!  I sure hope I have it done before Christmas as she was born on August 19th.   :)

I see there are so many wonderful blog posts.  I have been reading them but not able to make any comments.   Great stitching everyone and love the recipes as well!!  Keep up the good stitching everyone!  :)


  1. Enjoy you stitching.. we wanne see pic soon..
    take your time


  2. Hi Annette! Thanks! I did finish one ornament but it is sent and cannot post until received. It was fun to stitch with lots of different types of stitches. Happy Stitching to you! Hugs too :)


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