Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Taste of Stitching !

Hi everyone.   The month is flying by, and next week is October.  Wow!  Makes me think of busy stitching for a while, With holidays speeding up!!  lol    I have  been having fun with a couple of exchanges this past month and also a few Christmas items.   One is an RR, which I will show you my part of it below, as the next stitcher in Australia has now received it.  Also I stitched a little surprise for a friend.  She is a grandmother to the cutest little 2 year old granddaughter.  I stitched it for her granddaughter to give to her.  I have to admit that I wish I could have stitched this for my own grandmother.  :)  Below is the basic finish of that design.  It is called 'Grandmother Glitters" in the Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection magazine issue #25.   I did change the beads in the design from the Mill Hill Magnifica beads 10016 to ones I had on hand which are Mill Hill 62012.  I think they replace the original quite well.     It was quite simple to stitch the design,  just a little bit careful counting on the 28 ct natural linen. 

I have also been stitching a few other Christmas ornaments which are gifts, so hope I remember to show you after the holidays!  :)

To update the work being done on all apartments in my building, it's coming along, slowly but well. The exterior of the building is all yellow boards and the bricks are not placed on the balcony walls yet.   I suspect that some people want it to happen in a week, but that is impossible with what they are doing on such a large building.  (I should remember to take a picture for you..) In about a week or so, the new balcony door will be installed in my living room, and that will be completely finished with trim and such within a few days after that.   Then in about 3 weeks after that, they will be installing my dining room, and two bedrooms windows.   So as you can see, as I packed everything more than a month ago, within three to four feet of those windows, my apartment is a shabbles, with boxes everywhere in corners and such.   lol   But with changes comes also a chance to make changes of positioning my furniture so that is what I am planning.   It's actually been fun.  Looking at different ideas for layout, and also thinking of maybe redecorating a little.   :)  

So all in all, even though I haven't been here most days to post, and been somewhat neglectful in perusing others blogs and great stitching, I have been busy in my little stitching corner!!   :)   Happy Stitching to everyone!!  And also a very Happy Autumn... Hope its a nice one!  :)


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    1. Thanks so much Noni! Happy stitching to you!! :)

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    1. Thanks very much Mii! Hope you are stitching away too!! :)

  3. lovely pieces you made
    I really love the fabric of the first one, and the colours, very pretty
    moreover it's a real good idea
    I find you're very patient...I really think I'd have become crazy with all those works & cardboards for weeks =)
    can't wait to see your pictures
    have a great weekend
    big hugs

    1. Hi Valma: Thanks very much! I just get up every morning with a smile thinking, it'll be over soon and look great!! Going for a walk soon today and will take pics of the outside right now! :)

  4. Your full of plans..
    take you time.. you will get there!!
    I love your stitching!!
    the second pic, where and what is the pattern from??
    It looks perfect for a felt project I will be making for Xmas

    1. Hi Annette: These are Shelf Elves design from The World of Cross Stitching issue #195 Hope you have it. I sent my pages from the mag along with the RR for everyone, so I won't get them back until Feb or later. :) There are six or seven different Shelf Elves in the designs. :)

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    1. Thanks very much Melanie! Happy Stitching to you!!! :)

  6. That's right , grand mothers are made of gold and glitter too.
    I am a full-time grandmother :)
    Very nive works.

    1. SO happy you like it Pina! My friend is so happy too. :) I'm Not a grandmother yet, but hope one day!! :)


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