Thursday, 6 September 2012

I have been working on this TW Design Mini Spring Sampler today.  It's coming along nicely.  The 8-sided eyelets are almost done!

When I purchased the JCS Crossstitch Halloween Issue this year - 2012, there was a sample of black Sullivan thread and this design.  So thought I would try the thread, as I've heard a few comments about it being fairly decent.  Anyway, it stitches nicely, but not sure if it really covers as much fabric as the DMC does with two threads.  I will try some DMC 310 - black on the bottom border and let you know.  It's going to be a fridge magnet.

This very easy and quick stitch of 'Noel from  Cross Stitch Christmas 1992 mag, turned out quite nice on a towel I purchased from Walmart.  Nice soft towel, and very inexpensive.  I love how the border is somewhat easy to use for cross stitch, even though it does seem to have a bit of wider than taller square for the stitches.  It looks really pretty on this bath towel.

Well, as you can see I'm busy with stitching, but trying to still take my walk breaks and eating breaks, lol, so as not to bother my hands too much with constant stitching,  which of course, I would love to do for hours and hours each day.   Wonder if you are beginning some Halloween or Winter Holiday stitching??  Happy Stitching if you are!!  :)

Update on another towel done.  Joy I completed as well.  Here's the pic.

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