Saturday, 10 December 2011

Well, all my crafting friends, here it is two weeks before Christmas and still working on a few items for gifts.  I am enjoying my son visiting for a while, and we have been catching up and enjoying the time.  I've been doing a few different things.  Embroidery, cross-stitch and some sewing for gifts.  I hope that you are all enjoying getting ready for the holidays and having lovely weather as well to be able to get out and walk, or visit, or just enjoy it.    I now have my Christmas and Winter designs on the walls, and the chairs, and this weekend will put up my tree, with the lights for now, and decorate it closer to Christmas.  I do really enjoy the lights around my windows, and the tree lights as well.  Down the avenue in front of my living room window, the lamp posts are lit up with coloured lights this time of year and it really makes it look so pretty, especially with the snow.  Well, Happy holidays to everyone, and Merry Christmas too.  I hope all of you, and your families enjoy some time connecting in whatever way possible, and not worrying about the commercial side of it all.  I've put that aside, and I find I really enjoy the holidays much more and my friends and family do as well.   All the best!!  :)

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