Tuesday, 9 August 2011

2011 Christmas Ornament

I completed this little design just now, and only worked on it yesterday and today.  It was quite easy and fun to stitch.   It's one down for 2011 Christmas and many more to go!!  :)  I shall probably just keep stitching ornies until I have them all done and then make them all into the final pieces after that.   I find it more fun that way to spend a whole day finishing them.    Hope you enjoy it.  I will post more as I go along.   This one is from the Just Crossstitch magazine as well, the next page to the Hardanger one I just completed,  It is listed as a 2010 ornament but I added 2011 for this year.
Happy Stitching everyone.

ps.   I'm also am working on a quilt for a neighbour.  It's coming along too.  Lots of cutting triangles!!  whew!


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  1. Very pretty! I did that one for a card last year. We often seem to pick the same patterns!


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