Sunday, 27 September 2015

Autumn is here!

 I spent the last few days picking out the final carrots and green onions from the garden. i love to wash those green onions, dry them off well, chop them up and freeze, then place in a pop bottle so they can be shaken out all winter into yummy foods! :)    Also, the building is almost complete with new windows in, and blinds up so i can finally reorganize stitching and crafts.  i haven't done much over the summer as there was no where to sit and stitch properly.  lol  finding my stitching would also have been interesting!   I've started on a Winter gift so enjoying that.  How about you?  I stitch Christmas and Winter all year, and oh yes, i think i have Spooky Welcome to still complete!   I spent time reading blogs and looks like lots of you are very busy!  Happy Stitching all!

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