Friday, 2 January 2015


I started stitching the Gingerbread Cube just after Christmas and here's a pic!  Also included in the pic, two tea towels I received along with everything else in this pic from my best friend and her granddaughter!! What wonderful surprises! And if you knew me at all, like she does,  then you would really know that the great towel she stitched for me shows the truth!  I'd rather stitch for the whole day than take 15 minutes out of my stitch time to do the dishes!!  absolutely so funny!!!  As you can see the little Angel Mouse is sitting there waiting for me to finish stitching her cube to sit upon!  Also from another close friend, I received a fantastic gift, as I also love to bake - a Le Creuset batter bowel, a fantastic sifter, which I used because it was so easy too for my hand as it has the handle to turn on the side of it to sift,  and it sure made the zucchinni bread much lighter) and a whisk desperately needed as my other one fell apart in the summer.  She also gifted me this cool tool of a silicone hot plate/hot gripper, which is very very handy!!  Happy New Year everyone!! ps: I forgot to also say my best friend also loveingly stitched me a Mill Hill Polar Bear with wreath which I had on my Christmas tree this year but as I've packed it all away, I'll have to show you next year! It''s very adorable!!


  1. Happy New Year!!
    Your on a good roll!!
    Keep it up

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family Annette! I hope it's a really good year! Happy stitching!


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