Monday, 21 October 2013

Beautiful Autumn Day!!

Two blocks from my place is the beautiful Bow River.  I love living beside a park as it really allows me to live within the inner city, but still enjoy lots of nature.   We sometimes see coyotes, and a deer or two, many birds.  Love the hawks flying over!  They love to hunt the mice in the field. 

Well, I did stitch over the IHSW weekend and I got quite a bit done on the Lizzie Kate 'Snow House', and then completed the 'Merry Christmas' design from Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XVII. 

I received in the mail, on Friday, the Trimming the Tree Margaret Sherry Design that I bought from ebay.  It is pages from the Cross Stitcher Christmas 2007  mag, all the way from Ireland.  lol   I hope to work on that soon too, but I do have a couple of other MS designs that I'm right in the middle of, the Puppy Love and another one for an exchange.  Also calling me are HAED Candy Rush, and the Cross Stitcher Calendar designs.   I also completed a Somebunny design for the centre of a baby quilt, but cannot show you that until it is received. :)  Wish me luck!! I wish all of you Happy Stitching too.   'See' you later!!  :)


  1. Beautiful stitching. Look forward to seeing your progress on Trimming the Tree and the other charts that are calling to you.

  2. Lovely stitching, Anne, and a terrific view!

  3. You are totally in Xmas... what a great pieces your working on..
    Great progress.
    happy stitching.

  4. Great photo. Fall is my favorite season and I never get tired of seeing all the trees and their fall colors. :)

  5. How nice that you live so close to that lovely park! And what pretty Chirstmas stitching :)

  6. Beautiful stitching! Love your LK and also your Margaret Sherry's choice :D

  7. Beautiful park!
    Cute MS design!
    Lizzie Kate is very well done!

  8. Thank you to all!! It's great to be back stitching more now, and especially Christmas designs!! :)

  9. The trees are really beautiful. Lizzie Kate & Margaret Sherry designs are super cute - wonderful choice! Congrats on your finish! :D

  10. what a view you have, lucky you =)
    sweet cute projects you're working on...
    enjoy :)

  11. Thanks Valma! Hope you are enjoying stitching as well! :)


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