Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn colours!

Hi everyone!  Happy Autumn!  The beautiful colours are showing everywhere now!   This is a pic from my balcony.  The balcony is bare because of the construction on the building,    I am hoping this weekend will be a productive one in the stitching department as I have one required piece to be finished and then I am able to start on more Christmas items!!   This always cheers me and I cannot tell you exactly why, maybe the feelings of the holidays, maybe the colours of the threads, or just being able to share something I love to do with others!!   :)     Happy Thanksgiving , Happy Columbus Day too,,,     :)


  1. beautiful sight from your balcony :)
    I love those colours autumn offers us !
    really beautiful
    happy stitching, can't wait to see your pieces =D

  2. Hi Valma: Thanks so much!! I am very much enjoying the fall colours this year as the weather is fairly nice in the afternoon and only cools off later in the evening, Great for walks! Happy Stitching to you !!


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