Thursday, 4 July 2013


Well, as you may know the rain never stopped much from the last post I made and Calgary areas were flooded.   In my area of the city, the apartments were flooded in the basements and parkades, and the city turned off the power to this grid on Friday June 21st.   Our building was evacuated on June 22nd.   Long story short - Most everyone returned home from the evacuation centre or where they stayed on June 30th and everything was intact in my apartment of course since I live on the 10th floor. My dialysis should be back able to do by Friday.  So besides being displaced and losing all contents of fridge and deep freeze, all is well for me.  The buildings are a different story.  Two buildings of seniors had much more damage to their boilers and such and will be displaced for approx another 6 weeks.   But please if you do, say lots of prayers and good thoughts to go to the people of Calgary, High River and Canmore that have lost their homes and all their belongings as well as those that have so much damage and the mould is moving in.   Thank you for your kind thoughts!   Calgary persons pulled together and it will be a while before all is back to normal but Calgary is a strong city and it will be okay again soon.    And if you are planning on coming into Calgary for Calgary Stampede 101 then please come as it's all a go!!!!    Bye for now..  blog again in the near future.. busy time..  :)


  1. sorry to read this Anne. Glad to know you and your belongings are safe...hope and pray that you can do your dialysis today...Take care...Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

  2. How terrible..
    I wish you good luck..

  3. Hello

    What an awful time for you.
    I'm glad everything is ok with you.

  4. Anne, happy for you that you weren't more seriously affected by the flood.

  5. ho my !
    I'm so late in my blog readings that I'm only seeing your post =(
    How are you sweetie ??? I really hope everything is OK for you now
    we heard bad news from Canada this week with the train explosion , but didn't heard about those floods =(
    I'm thinking a lot about you and those poor people who lost everything
    lot's of love

  6. Hey you, so glad you're fine. Never thought to check your Blog...did e-mail and put a message on Facebook.
    Take care..:)


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