Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well, I thought I was done stitching this design, as you can see by the purple highlighter areas.  But funny enough, when I went to the Vermillion site to check the colour pattern to be sure my backstitching was correctly done,  it had a saucer under the cup.  I had followed this black and white chart to stitch, as I don't have a colour printer and as you can see it doesn't have a saucer.  lol  I laughed so hard, if I hadn't have had the b & w chart in front of me still I would have thought I lost my mind and wondered why I hadn't stitched the saucer.  It was quite a surprise, but I suspect they found the error since Oct 26 and changed it to match the colour chart.  Anyway,  I will go now and begin stitching the saucer.   It will probably look a lot better then anyway!   :)

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