Saturday, 25 August 2012

Here it is only the end of August, but since I've been relaxing a bit after being ill, I thought why not design a little biscornu for you to stitch for the Holidays.  I haven't done the back yet, since I want to stitch the front myself and see what would look best for the back.  I hope you will enjoy this little design.  If you would rather wait for the back then I should say I will have it done for end of September at the latest, I hope. lol  So enjoy and hope to see some of your completions on your blogs or whereever you place a pic of your completed designs.   Happy Stitching everyone!!  :)

Title:                       Presents, Trees, A Star
Author:                  Anne Fraser
Copyright:             MAF Designs
Grid Size:               40W x 40H
Design Area:         2.14" x 2.14"  (30 x 30 stitches)

Legend: Stitches
.               DMC Cotton 321    christmas red
7               Kreinik BF 071       Misty Gold

Legend: FrenchKnots
DMC Cotton 321    christmas red

Legend: Beads
8                       MHGlass 2011       Victorian Gold
9                       MHGlass 332         Emerald

Legend: BackStitch Lines
DMC Cotton 699    christmas green

DMC Cotton 321    christmas red
Kreinik BF 071       Misty Gold


For the front--

Trees in corners are 699 Green.

lines single thread with 321 Red French Knots are 321 as well.  OR you could use red seed beads as I did.

lines single thread with 332 Emerald beads are 699 Green.

Small stars are 321 Red.

lines for ribbon on presents are single thread 321

lines for centre star with Gold beads are Kreinik 071 Gold.

For the Back --

the lines around centre are green as are the beads.

The small stars are red.

The large centre star and French Knots are red.

The corner stars are gold.

JOY and 2012 are red.

Any other questions, please ask. 

Also please note that the shades of colours in the biscornu do not have to be my choice, you may choose to use the colours of beads and threads you have on hand. 

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