Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well here it is June 16th, and I've mostly been working on my iguana all year, when I could stitch.  My hands are giving me grief again.  Anyway, I just purchased, yesterday, the last of the mini series of seasonal Teresa Wentzler designs, Miniature Summer Sampler.   Now, as I had said a few years ago when I purchased the Winter one, I have them all so now I can start on them.  I didn't want to begin until I knew I had all seasons.   So now I have to decide on which one to begin!?  hmm  !?   They are all so beautiful and not too large, yet many different stitches, some of which I've never done, so the challenge is there.  They are only 96 stitches high by 66 stitches wide..    Well, wish me luck, and I hope to keep working on my iguana sometimes as well, along with the series.  :)


  1. Sure hope your hands improve. Having those new patterns must really give you the 'itch to stitch'!


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