Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Pillowcases are always a great gift and the people I sent these to really like them as well.   I neglected to take a pic of the 'M' embroidered pillowcases I made for my other friend Nancy, but maybe she'll  take a pic of them for me and send it along so I may add it later on!!   I'm working on embroidering some blue ones for me but that is a project to be completed sometime this year!   Prior to Christmas I crocheted 16 snowflakes for an order from a friend.  Here's one of them!  I stiffened them with white glue thinned out, as her dogs may have wanted to eat them if they smelled like sugar!  lol  :)  note added:  Nancy sent me a pic of her pillowcases so added it.

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  1. These pillowcases are great. Do you make the pillow case too or do you stitch on purchased ones? How do you do the transfer?

    16 snowflakes! Amazing. You must be a very fast crocheter.


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