Monday, 14 November 2011

Here's the wonderfully cute twirly tree that I made today.  Thanks to Kerryanne at  Nov 14th, 2011 post.  I enjoyed making it, and did use bead wire and beads that I had on hand.  The paper I used is scrapbooking paper, but I think I shall make another couple of these with old used Christmas cards!    It really twirls!!  :)   ps.  Can you see the snow that we had today,  in the background from my balcony?  It was a surprise fall of snow, as the weatherman this morning did not predict snow today.  But that's what it's like living near the Rockies!!


  1. Very cute tree.. a cool idea. And it looks perfect with your new snowfall.

  2. I saw that there as well.
    Turned out Great...going to have to make me a couple as well..Nicely done Anne..:)


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