Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hardanger stitching

Hi all:  Here is my first ever stitching done of Hardanger.  I have been stitching, and doing embroidery for over 50 years, and yet I had never attempted to do one of these so beautiful designs of Hardanger.  It is fun working on it, and I expect to have it completed within a day or two as it is keeping my attention just by its sheer beauty.   I hope that, at the end, I at least reach a certain point of learning so that I may try it again one day!!  :)  Have you done Hardanger ever in your life?  I would love to see some of your work as well as sharing what I've done on this.     It is a design by Raz Watnemo at nordic needle.  It is a design in the 2010 Just Crossstitch magazine Christmas Ornaments issue ( ) .  Happy Stitching!!  :)

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  1. Very pretty! Love that true red. Never tried hardanger myself. I've never enjoyed stitching geometric designs, plus I'm scare of all that cutting!


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