Monday, 6 June 2011

Round Robin renewed!!

This stitching was done way back in 2005 in a round robin and I had it in a pic, but decided to make it into a cushion for my bedroom.  So I used some of the pink fabrics leftover from a baby quilt and made an 18 inch square quilted cushion cover for my bedroom..  The drapes and bedcover in my room are white, so I love to change around the colours in there with cushions and pictures once in a while.   I  love this stitching as it reminds me of the wonderful people I've met who worked on this round robin with me!!  It makes me smile!  :)

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  1. Anne, so nice to see our RR...lots of beautiful memories.

    i still love to do RR...but i'm scared of loosing it...i have lost one of the RR in transit...and thinking of it, it is very painful.


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