Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Rose Garden

I started to stitch this design a few years ago, and finally picked it up last week. I decided that either I finish it, or give it to someone else to complete. So here I am working on it, and enjoying it as well. It is on 28 count linen. I had it in a large q-snap frame, but found that too heavy to hold with my hand, so decided to go to a small circular hoop. I don't normally use a hoop and am always sure to remove the hoop after stitching since it can certainly leave a terrible mark which sometimes is very difficult to remove. I think though, that once this item is ironed, it should remove any traces of the hoop. I worked on the top left rose today and that was fun with the half stitches. I think if I had tried to stitch this design on 14 count, it would have been tons more difficult since there are so many half stitches. Also there is lots of backstitching which I don't mind since that really makes the design pop! Happy Stitching everyone. I wonder what you are stitching right now??

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  1. after i got q snaps, i don't like to work with hoops, just because of the mark...recently i tried to iron it on wrong side, when the fabric was still wet...that helped to remove the mark.

    the first q snap i got was the 17" was very hard to hold. then i got a 8" square, that was perfect. At times for bigger projects, i combine 17" and 8" to get a rectangle...that is also fine for me..

    Looking forward to see your finished Rose garden


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