Friday, 14 March 2008

March 2008 Biscornu

Hi all! I designed this pretty biscornu as a surprise for whoever would like to stitch it. I would like to ask something in return though! I ask that, if you would like to stitch this design, you donate something to charity on your own accord. A few suggestions I have are to a local charity in your neighbourhood, or a world wide charity such as World Wild Life Fund - WWF. I have a great love for the animals of the world, and as we all know many are close to extinction and being threatened by other reasons. So enjoy the biscornu for sure and then think about a little give to a needy cause! Thanks.


  1. Hi Anne, Thanks for the pattern. Your other SAL look great. I am doing the biscornu in other colors. You have done a great job, keep it up. Looking forward to other patterns. Thanks I will donate to SPCA


  2. Thanks necy (sp?)! I hope that you enjoy the pattern! I hope you will come back in the future to see other designs I have completed! Give me time though, I'm just new at it! :)

  3. I'm almost done with this design. Going to donate it to be a for profit drawing for the church kids program.

    Love your designs so far!!!!

    Joanie R.


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